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  Sustainable Design and Green Buildings Services  

Environmental sustainability has come to the forefront in the facilities industry in the form of green buildings. BECCO offers a range of advisory and consulting services related to green buildings. The main aim of these services is to decrease a building’s impact on the environment, increase energy efficiency, save our natural resources, increase comfort, and improve productivity within the built environment. Our experts add precision to intuition; they challenge assumptions about building performance, helping designers and developers achieve innovative solutions.




Our comprehensive range of Green Design services includes:


o       Design for energy efficiency


o       Energy consumption simulation


o       Design of day lighting systems


o       Lighting simulation


o       Computational fluid dynamics


o       Waste management and recycling


o       Rainwater collection systems


o       Renewable energy


o       Sustainable material and product selection


o       Post-occupancy evaluations and re-engineering


o       Lifecycle costing


o       Environmental impact analysis


o       Sun path analysis


o       Energy audits


o       Indoor air quality audits


o       Ventilation studies




LEED Design


The U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system is the most widely accepted standards for green building. Our Green buildings match the LEED design standards empowered by our engineers’ thorough knowledge and understanding of sustainable design standards and guidelines.

BECCO has several LEED trained and experienced engineers on staff. Each is expert in Energy Modeling, Building System Optimization, LEED Design and the LEED Process.



    BECCO 's LEED design expertise includes:  

o       Engineering and Design Services


o       Basis of Design


o       Renewable Energy Consulting Services


o       Design Review Services


o       Energy Modeling


o       Utility Consumption


o       Daylight Modeling and Lighting Analysis 


o       Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


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