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  Environmental Engineering  

BECCO’s Environmental Engineering Specialization focuses on the planning and design of infrastructure processes and facilities related to water and waste disposal and treatment.







These services encompass:





o        Water resource and supply systems



o        Surface and ground water quality management



o        Hydrological analysis and hydraulic structures



o        Dams, water supply, treatment and distribution



o        Water leakage reduction services



o        Water treatment facilities



o        Sewerage systems



o        Wastewater treatment facilities



o        Wastewater collection and conveyance



o        Wastewater treatment and reuse



o        Sludge stabilization and/or disposal



o        Storm water drainage and flood mitigation systems



o        Solid waste management studies and disposal



o        Environmental impact assessment studies



o        Air pollution studies



o        Irrigation systems


BECCO provides fully integrated environmental engineering services to both municipal and industrial customers. With a range of capabilities covering various types of water treatment (wastewater, water reuse/recycle, ultra-pure water…etc.) as well as water-gas treatment, BECCO is capable of producing customized design, building and operation solutions to suit individual clients.





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