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  Civil & Structural Engineering  

BECCO provides structural engineering services for the design and analysis of new structures, foundation systems, and the renovation of existing structures. In addition, we evaluate existing structures, including analysis of structural failures. Whether our assignment is new construction, renovation, restoration, or the modification of existing structures, we work collaboratively meet project expectations through sound yet creative structural design.




BECCOís range of Civil & Structural Engineering services includes conceptual planning, design and construction management of infrastructures and building complexes. Comprehensive and wide-ranging in nature it covers:


Structural Engineering:


o        Commercial and residential buildings


o        Institutional establishments and Hospitals


o        Hotels, shopping and sports complexes


o        Factories and warehouses


o        High-rise buildings


o        (BIM) structural modeling


Maritime Engineering:


o        Shore protection structures


o        Wharves, quay walls and jetties


o        Causeways


o        Ponds and reservoirs


o        Land reclamation




Our design experience includes:


o        Concrete

o        Tank and Equipment Supports


o        Steel

o        High Density Load Areas


o        Wood

o        Platforms


o        Pre-Cast Concrete

o        Overhead Cranes


o        Mat Slab Foundations

o        Isolation Pads


o        Underpinning

o        Repair and Restoration


o        Equipment/Building Pads

o        Construction Inspection


o        Building Structures

o        Code Analysis




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