Master Planning & Urban Design


Our planning work draws on our understanding of the market forces and our grasp of the broader community and the public interest context for development projects. Our work demonstrates a continuing commitment to the highest level of design standards and technical expertise. Working closely with each client, we determine the unique project needs and tailor our services to those needs.

Our goal is to achieve quality designs which integrate the expectations of the client, attributes of the natural and man-made setting, and the personal commitment of our staff to the design process. Environmental opportunities and constraints, project scheduling, programming and costs are analyzed within the context of the client’s goals. A conceptual design is then generated which is subsequently refined through an evaluation of critical design elements.

Our aim is to consolidate the urban fabric and form to better utilize the land, maximize the potential of the site, while respecting existing structures and socio-cultural issues. Our approach to successful planning is by utilizing the knowledge of our team and harnessing their intellectual and experiential capabilities in realizing the clients’ vision. As such interaction, participatory approach, and exchange of information among different stakeholders are necessary conditions for successful plans.


  Our Planning Services include:  
  • Regional, City Master Planning
  • Urban Planning
  • Social Facilities Planning
  • Urban design and Traffic Impact Studies
  • Transportation Planning
  • Comprehensive land use planning
  • Recreation planning
  • Landscape architectural and design services (for corporations, public agencies, institutions, developers and architects






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